[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: 2 Common Destinations in Europe

Have you ever considered traveling to Europe? Well, there is something that you should do about it and that is learning about some countries to go.

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: France
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: France


This is probably one of the most popular touristic destinations that many people could ask for. France is a great option for travelers who want to go to another country and experience the joy of being next to the Eiffel Tower. France is also well-known for their croissants, which are part of their bakery cuisine.

You will probably not regret of being in France for tourism and you will be likely to enjoy a lot while you are there. Just be sure to know some French before going there because not everyone in French will like you to speak in English. To give you an idea, imagine someone goes to your home and speaking in a language you don’t know. You would feel probably a bit awkward and uncomfortable!


[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Italy
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Italy
Another destination that many people does not miss while traveling. You can enjoy traveling to Italy during your free days because it will be more than just going to another country. Arts, history, museums, culture, food and a lot of Italian people can be found in Italy, of course! You will probably have a fun time there and be sure to eat great delicacies because the nonna would not like you to leave without eating!

Italy is going to be a nice option as well because of the many states beside the cliché ones, which are Rome. Venice, Torino, Trento, and Milano, there are other great parts of Italy that you should not miss!

Do not stop visiting other countries in Europe either. You do not really know if you will like more than the other, so it is up to you!

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Italy
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Italy
By [Carlos Erik Malpica Flores].

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