[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: 3 Places to Go on Adventure

Do you like nature? Well, that is what you are going to see in the following paragraphs. Nature is awesome and you should be able to enjoy doing different activities there.

Let’s talk about 4 different environments that you could considering going to:


You may have the adventurous idea of going into a forest in which case you have to be alert. You should not go without the right equipment. While being in a jungle, it would be advisable that you take your knife,  food and if possible, a medical kit for yourself. At least alcohol would be useful for your own purposes while being in such a place. Remember that snakes could be around, try not to do anything too risky either. The idea is that you go and enjoy instead of exposing your life in vain.

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Travel
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Travel


This is kind of similar to the jungle, but with more height. Mountains can become tiresome if you are not physically trained. It would be great that you have a good training for it before attempting to go too deep into a mountain environment.

Take a rope if you are up to hiking and your other equipment as well. It is common that you could lose a bit of direction while going into a mountain. A compass would be a great ally in your way if you do lose your track.


[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Desert
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Desert
This is probably more challenging than the other two, but it can be a great adventure if you do things correctly. While going to a desert, never forget that water will be extremely useful. Take a good bottle of water and try to take one that can preserve temperature.

Still you cannot rely on it being cold for too much; deserts will make it be warm at some point, so you rather prepare for that. Your compass should be there too because deserts are tricky and their landscapes can make you think you are walking to get out of that place while in fact you are walking in circles!

By [Carlos Erik Malpica Flores].

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