[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Facts about Albert Einstein

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Einstein Facts
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Einstein Facts

 Math and music as well!

Mathematics were not the only big love of this man, he also was very talented in music. His mother had a great influence in the musical side. Her mother played the violin and thanks to this inspiration, this popular character learnt to play the instrument when he was five years old.

Nuclear disarmament supporter

When this Einstein understood the impact of nuclear power after the usage of bombs in Japan, he advocated to the nuclear disarmament.

A daughter out of his marriage

Albert Einstein had another daughter with Mileva Maric who was a friend of him during the time he was studying.

1921 and the Novel Prize

Einstein got the novel prize in the year 1921: Einstein got this prize in the year 1921. He got this price because of his service in theoretical Physics. As well, the prize came after he made the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

Not the best student

Einstein actually failed an exam at the age of 16 that motivated him to start studying electrical engineering. Maybe a little surprising after knowing how far he went in life.

As you can understand, Einstein had more than a life based on math and for many people, it is not known that he was also not a very good student in terms of having the best grades.

However, you can also learn that it is not about your qualifications, but about how much you qualify in life. You don’t have to be the best one at the school, but aim to be the best one in life and even Einstein had his failures, so keep it up with your dreams!

By [Carlos Erik Malpica Flores].

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Scientist
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Scientist

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