[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Why Travelling to Spain?

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Spain
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Spain
You may have noticed that Spain is one of the most attractive destinations on Europe. The reason is that you can definitely have a good time visiting different places and enjoying a good soccer match.

Spain may not be the cradle of soccer but at least is one of the countries where soccer is more relevant. Everyone who like soccer will commonly talk about the Barcelona and Madrid matches. You will definitely like the idea of watching a soccer match there, so that you can indeed be able to enjoy a live match!

[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Travel to Spain
[Carlos Erik Malpica Flores]: Travel to Spain
Barcelona will be a great place to visit not only because of soccer, of course. There are more things to appreciate there like the awesomely preserved colonial buildings that are really in a good condition for the time they have. The colonial style of the city will probably be impressive for you since they do have a very good idea on preserving its history.

If you want to go to a little more cliché, you could just go to Madrid and enjoy a good walk on parks. Madrid is going to be very good as well in winter if you are one of those who likes walking on the snow. Just make sure you have your jacket ready because it will be necessary with such cold temperatures.

Spain is going to a good place to visit for history too. The Museo de Bellas Artes should not be overlooked for you since you will be able to enjoy more than one good artwork. Have a good time while visiting Spain, so you can have great memories!

Visit Spain and enjoy your voyage! Hasta luego!

By [Carlos Erik Malpica Flores].


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