AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Mongolia: An Asian Jewel

Do you know about how fun it can be to learn about the travelling places you can have in Asia? Then you should look for some interesting destinations different than Japan and China. This not like they are not good places for tourism, they are great indeed! But many people seem not to know of other destinations that could be interesting as well.


Mongolian Yurt in the Gobi Desert

This is a country where you will feel like a nomad. You will like the idea of going to Mongolia and walking on the interesting plains they have. If you are an adventurous guy or girl, you can definitely try hiking or climbing the amazing mountains.

If you are looking for something more like “in civilization, you should try Ulan Bator. The capital of Mongolia will offer you a wide variety of places to visit, museums and of course, a very particular language that is Mongolian. This could be a little of a hard thing to understand because unless you are from Mongolia, you will rarely use this language.

Try to at least know some of the words that you would commonly use before travelling. Learn hotel, restaurant and airplane vocabulary that you will need as the most basic way of communication. By doing that, you will at least be able to communicate the most basic part and your main needs while going abroad. Time for tourism!

However, if you are willing to understand what people says in a daily basis in Mongolia, you will have no choice but getting deeper in to the learning of Mongolian.

Be sure to understand this before travelling there and your trip to Mongolia will at least be easier to enjoy and you will be happier with your journey!


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