AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Japanese Cuisine: Exotic and Tasty

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Then this is going to make you feel very Japanese! Keep reading and know what Carlos Erik Malpica Flores brought for you.

You should know that Japanese cuisine has something more to offer than sushi. Even if it is one of the dishes that have been more enjoyed by the rest of the world, there are some interesting dishes that you should not stop enjoying.

Have you ever been able to see the interesting and tasty onigiris? These dishes are not going to be only suitable for anyone who is learning Japanese cuisine but also they will be good for newcomer.

There are many possibilities in the Japanese cuisine and it can be kind of easy to learn because thy do not use many different ingredient other than the one of the sea. You will definitely not see that much meat that does not some from the ea in the major part of Japanese cuisine.

However, in Japan yakiniku is one of a good dish that include meat. Did you know that the meaning of “niku” in Japanese is meat?

Udon and tofu are going to be other important parts of japanese cuisine.

As well, you cannot stop trying the gyoza. These awesome and mall like biscuit will make you not want you go to Japan and enjoy a trip in Tokyo while enjoying the tasty and salty labor of the gyozas.

Among the ingredients that you will commonly see in Japanese cuisine you have: eel, seaweed, crab, crab parts, and salmon.

You may be thinking they are not being that original but It makes a lot of sense that their gastronomy come from the sea when you remember that Japan is not like other countries but more like many islands that are apart from the rest of Asia.

Enjoy the Japanese cuisine and be sure to say konnichiwa to these awesome dishes!

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