AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Let’s visit Russia!

So you are thinking on travelling, huh? This is a very good new! The main point is that you know a good place where to travel and today’s suggestion is Russia! Keep reading and know what Carlos Erik Malpica Flores brought for you about this amazing destination.

Russia can be a very good place to travel. Here there are some places that are going to be especially interesting to visit and Moscow is for sure one of them. This is the capital of the country and probably the most famous place in the country.

You will enjoy the interesting architecture of Russia which can make you think you are in a wonderland at time. You should not hesitate into taking a good jacket because you are going to have a very cold time. Remember that Russia will definitely not top having a very cold climate!

In Russia, you can enjoy travelling to Yekaterinburg. Appreciate the impressive architecture and nature as well. This interesting city is also a good pot if you intend to go into an adventure to the Ural Mountains.

You will see that you can appreciate as well the very well known St. Petersburg. You will notice that there are many flea markets there and be prepared with good money because this is everything but a cheap destination.

While being in Russia you may notice that you will have some people not speaking English. Learning some Russian could be critical so you can enjoy your trip easily.

You can have many communication issues if you do not learn the language. The real problem come when the person who travels does not know anything on the language of the destination because you cannot expect people knowing English all the time.

Russia will suit for a good and interesting trip or your holidays. You do not always have to choose sunny because to go on vacation so Russia can be a chilly alternative that you will not stop enjoying.

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