AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Travel Tips to Visit Brazil

Are you a person who likes traveling and tourism? Then you should not stop learning about great places you could visit in Brazil. Keep reading and know what Carlos Erik Malpica Flores brought for you today about this amazing destination.

Yes, this is a very good place for tourism and not only for one reason. You could go to Brazil in order to go to Rio de Janerio and enjoy the awesome beaches were also other tourists from around the world travel to enjoy excellent vacations.

You will notice Brazil is pretty big (actually the largest country in Latin America) Then, it will be more than useful to get a map before going there. It would be awesome if you get into the natural side of Brazil too but never go without using a bathing suit if you are a man. The reason is the “carandiru”, a fish that could turn into men’s worst nightmare.

The fish is attracted by the urine of men and it is a small fish that can literally enter in the penis. This would only mean a dreadful pain that in some cases has ended in death. You can’t allow yourself to take such a risk. Your best choice may be to avoid actually getting into rivers.

Brazil is a great place nevertheless in general terms. You can also enjoy walking in the cities but you also have to remember that fabelas are in many parts of the country.

Probably your best option is to avoid hosting in a place where there is too much exposition, however, in human terms, you are not going to be 100% safe while being anywhere in the world.

So, you don’t have to feel that paranoiac about potential danger s either because then vacations wouldn’t be enjoyable (which is one important point on vacations).

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