IMPORTANT! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Let’s Go To The Botanic Garden in Caracas!

If you are willing to go to a very impressive place full of plants and impressive landscapes full of plants from all around the globe, you should not stop considering the Botanical Garden in Caracas. This is a garden that will suit you a lot so you can really enjoy being in the interesting place that this garden represents.

Enjoy going to the Botanical Garden with a good camera because you will surely want to enjoy taking pictures there. You may not want to have that much time going to the city of Caracas after you visit this place even if there is almost no civilization there. It is pretty much like venturing into a forest while being in the middle of the fast paced city of Caracas. You will even notice that cars are not so far away from the garden and it is possible to see them through the fence right next to the entrance.


Many different insects can be found in the Botanical Garden and if you have the chance of watching them interact naturally, you will be astonished. Whole ant colonies can be seen working and carrying out their food during long hours. Snakes can be found as well so do not stop being careful becasue they are not in a jail like you could see them at the zoo! At least there are no bears that can harm you huh?

Consider going to the Botanical Garden if you do not have that much of a problem with insects and animals in the middle of the nature. It is not like there have been many people affected by these animals but you should never stop being careful so you are not the exception.

This said, if you are able to enjoy the garden, then do not stop sharing with others!


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